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Leelo Bush, PhD, a Certified Master Life Coach and serial entrepreneur, has become a much in demand business growth expert, strategist and  mentor coach. She is best known for creating Spirit-led Christian life coach training and developing curriculum that has been offered to global-scale ministries and over 20,000 students around the world. Having been mentored by the late billionaire, John Galbreath, Leelo has herself created millions with business enterprises. She is well qualified to take you to your next level!   Complete a brief application to learn whether coaching with Leelo is a fit.

"If you are familiar with the Parable of the Talents, you know that God wants us to multiply our resources. In fact, our favor is limited in life, if we fail to do our part.  But if we show ourselves trustworthy with a little, we will be given more and more as time goes by.  Money itself, is not good or bad.  It is how we use it that determines whether it the outcome is good or bad.  If you care about making a difference, you will only be able to do so with sufficient resources.  God has given me a gift of bringing out the best in those I coach," said Leelo.

In various ventures, when Dr. Bush was creating campaigns, she often found it difficult to describe her vision for ads and promotions to other designers. To solve this she began designing ad / image concepts in 1994 and undertook web design in 2004.  Now Dr. Bush is skilled in multiple areas, including graphic and web design, copy writing, funnel creation, payment and shopping cart systems, usability engineering, hosting setup, web content management systems, web server administration, database administration, marketing campaigns from concept to implementation to delivery, network security, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Since the early 2000s, many if not most Christian coaching schools and their trainers have studied under or learned from Dr. Bush's work at the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy.  You can find courses she has created HERE. She has become the go-to expert on business growth and expansion.

Dr. Bush is an accomplished author, prolific curriculum creator with students and graduates on every continent, with over 20,000 students trained and thousands of certified graduates world-wide.


Certified Master Life Coach
Certified Professional Life Coach
Certified Confidence Life Coach
Certified Forgiveness Coach
Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach

Certified Business and Entrepreneur Coach
Certified CBT Practitioner Coach
Certified CBT Cognitive Behavior Coach
Certified Life Purpose Coach
Certified Total Life Coach
Certified Wellness / Christian Wellness Coach
Certified Goal Setting for Success Coach
Certified Happiness Coach
Certified in Neuroplasticity (Stress and Anxiety focus)
Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate

Clinical Aromatherapy Certificate
Aromatherapy Acupressure for Emotional Healing
Aromatherapy Acupressure for Pain Relief
Diploma in Addiction Counseling
IBM Sales Training Certified
Certified in Personality Development & DISC


Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Counseling 
(Dissertation topic: Christian Life Coaching)
Newburgh Theological Seminary / Bible College, 
Distance Education, Newburgh, Indiana, June, 2006

Master of Christian Counseling Degree 
Summa Cum Laude
UHBI, Distance Education, Indianapolis, Indiana, April, 2004

Bachelor of Arts
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Bush works with a global technology team in partnership with her husband, Rev. Evan A. Bush, MCLC, CMLC, President of PCCCA. With kids grown, they enjoy their Southwest Florida lifestyle of boating, fishing, theater, gardening and bicycling. Learn more about her training programs at https://pccca.org/courses and at https://anewuniversity.com.

Beautiful Life Int'l LLC
is A+ Rated at BBB

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Dr. Leelo Bush is honored to serve
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2016 Management Awards Categories Judging Committee of the International Business Awards, part of
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Stevie Awards.


Leelo Bush's media credits and mentions - partial list.

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Who is Leelo Bush? Learn what makes her work ethic and talent special.

Lesson #1: If you try to fit in, you will never stand out.

Leelo Bush PhD https://leelobush.com

Growing up in a Midwestern US home with one younger brother and parents from Estonia (tiny eastern European country that almost no one has heard of!), she desperately wanted to fit in. Even though she was born in the US, she did not learn to speak English until she started school. Raised in a home with older parents from a different culture, different time, different language and different values, she at once felt out-of-place and uniquely special.  Unfortunately "different" was not tolerated in her neighborhood and she often found herself in the cross-hairs of bullying or discrimination.

"It's tough," says Leelo, "at that age you want to be like everyone else and don't even realize you should embrace that which makes you special! I didn't have anyone to tell me those things back then because my parents did not understand the American culture and way of doing things." Fitting in was not in the cards for Leelo ... and that was a very good thing!

"The most important thing my upbringing gave me was a love for this country and the understanding of unlimited potential here. My parents escaped from slavery and Soviet political domination to make a new life for themselves and our family here in the US. They never let us forget that the rest of the world does not have it as good as we do. They taught me that I could accomplish anything if I was willing to put forth the discipline, work and didn't quit. My husband Evan, affectionately calls me a pit bull because I won't give in or give up once I make up my mind," said Leelo.

Lesson #2: If you don't focus on creating your own future, someone will hire you to create theirs.

Because her parents did not believe in giving an allowance, Leelo had to become creative about making money. She wanted to be like others and that required capital. At an early age, she realized if she could find something she could sell, she change things for herself. She leveraged friendships with her friends and began selling whatever she could find, that someone else wanted. It didn't take her long to learn that if you buy low and sell high, you will earn the difference. More than once teachers shut down her business at school, selling candy, snacks, home-made jewelry and other items. Her parents had permitted her to take dance lessons and by the time she was 16, she had set up her own dance studio on her parent's basement and was teaching over 25 students each week after school. Children loved her and her prices were reasonable. She learned early that it didn't matter how great your product or service was if no one knew about it. She learned to write press releases, write ad copy and market whatever she did, expertly. Even though she has worked for others in the early years, Leelo truly is a life-long, serial entrepreneur and a true American Success Story. 

Lesson #3: What you fear most, will come upon you.

Because what you fear most may well come to you, fear not. Growing up poor, with all her meals at home rationed, it was not unusual to go to bed hungry. Security and having enough money to eat became a reluctant passion for Leelo. As a child no one talked about money unless they were arguing. Leelo decided she wanted to learn how money works and how to change her future. The last thing she wanted was to leave home one day, only to create the same life for herself that she had as a child. This inspired her to be drawn toward personal development programs. One of her early personal slogans was, "If it is to be, it's up to me."

Lesson #4: God loves me unconditionally.

For a lot of reasons we won't go into here, Leelo waited two years to go to college after completing high school. Although she was raised in a God-fearing home, it wasn't until this time, that her best friend led her to the Lord. Now, Leelo found the love and security she had been missing and developed unshakable values in her life. Finally, her parents were able to convince her to go to college.

Truth be known though, Leelo went to Ohio State University to dance, not so much to study. With her dance experience and organizational abilities, she had founded the Columbus All-City Dance Drill team and while performing, the director of Ohio State's dance team discovered her and invited her to audition. Dance was her #1 passion and she made the team on her first attempt. Eventually, she became Captain of the OSU Scarlet Steppers and led the team at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans.

Because her parents did not have the finances to pay for her trip with the team, she was left to find a sponsor. It was during this time, she met the late John Galbraith, billionaire developer, entrepreneur mogul and OSU philanthropist, who became her mentor."I will be forever grateful because John's lessons changed my life. I use and share his wisdom still to this day, with those I mentor," explains Leelo.

After 40 Leelo returned to complete her education, garnering a Summa Cum Laude Masters Degree in Christian Counseling and a PhD in Christian Counseling, doing her doctorate dissertation on the integration of life coaching with biblical foundation and counseling.

Lesson #5: The world will not be changed by those who sort-of want it.

Leelo has created and owned numerous commercial enterprises. Her businesses have ranged from the financial industry to matchmaking for the marriage-minded, to home health care to PCCCA and Beautiful Life International, which she founded in 2003.

Her greatest challenge has been to balance her drive with that of others she works with.
"I usually want success for others even more than they want it for themselves. If you sort of want it, don't waste your time. If you are ALL in, I want to work with you because I know I can change your life. I have made millions over the years building businesses, selling them, and creating online enterprises that deliver cash flow today. Once you know how, you can do it over and over again, as I do.

Working with Leelo can change your business and your life!

Leelo generally has limited openings but more often, a waiting list. To see if your aspirations, goals and passion / drive are a fit for working with Leelo, please complete a brief exploratory application.

If Leelo sees potential in collaborating on your goal(s) or project(s), either she or one of her team members will contact you when an opening becomes available so make sure you really "sell" yourself and your ideas on the application!