Private VIP Coaching and Mentoring with Leelo Bush

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Join Dr. Bush at a Florida, USA resort for your personal VIP Day and experience private coaching and mentoring on your choice of topics (see below) to plan your path to your own aspirational vision.

You will work with Leelo in one of the world's most beautiful, luxurious resort locations, perfect for all the focused, creative work and inspired, practical planning you will do together.  

Her husband, Evan Bush, a Master Christian Life Coach, will also be available to offer his perspective and brilliance on request. 

Leelo Bush is a coach who is also a successful, serial-entrepreneur, having created millions over the years with her coaching companies and programs. There is simply no one better or more qualified to learn from, than Dr. Leelo Bush.​

Leelo Bush, PhD

When you work with Leelo one-to-one, you have the opportunity to benefit from her vast knowledge, skills and resources.​  She will save you years of time over trying to break through on your own.  This is an investment in yourself and in the work you have been called to do.  When you increase your skills and abilities, God will expand your territory and use you in much greater ways.

Are you ready to take your business / enterprise / ministry to the next level?  If your answer is an enthusiastic, "yes", you may qualify for VIP coaching with Dr. Leelo Bush.  Keep reading to explore more about this opportunity.

 Dr. Leelo Bush is Host of the Christian Coaching School Podcast,  as heard on iTunes, Stitcher and Syndicated Christian Radio, 
CEO, Founder and Director of Training at the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy since 2003.

VIP Day Topics

Select one of the topics below
or request a custom VIP day.

(1) Re-Invent Yourself

You are at a cross-roads. What worked before is no longer working. Everything you thought was safe and stable, suddenly isn't.  Trying harder isn't working. The rules seem to have changed and you feel like no one told you.

It's Time to Reinvent Yourself

"Ok, I get you. I have been through this at least a half dozen times myself and I learned one over-riding truth. The only thing that will never change is that things will always change. When this happens ... survivors reinvent," says Leelo Bush.  "I want to show you how and then help you plan and implement your reinvention."

What is your current situation costing you?  What is every day that doesn't work costing you? I want you to count the cost because living in this place you are stuck in right now, is NOT your destiny. It's not God's plan for you. But this is what happens when we get comfortable and ignore the signs along the way.  If we won't move on our own, God allows so much discomfort that we MUST make a change.

This is your opportunity to step into the next, better version of you. With this coaching, you will learn to confidently lean into the winds of change with joy and anticipation rather than dread.​ You'll discover how to harness the changes and take control. You'll create a plan and begin to implement that plan. You will learn to step outside your comfort zone because that is where your destiny lies.  

And Leelo will be there to guide, support and encourage you, until you become comfortable with your new life.

This begins with Re-Invent Yourself coaching with Leelo Bush.

If you are in this place, you know it. You have a window of opportunity right now to make this change, but it won't last. You have a choice right now. Are you going to let circumstances take you out?  Or, are you going to rise up like a phoenix, take control and fulfill your destiny.?

What type of reinvention do you need?  Business? Personal?  "I'm ready," says Leelo. "Let's do this."​

(2) Create your Signature Income-Producing Program

This VIP day is designed for those who want to create their own group or 1-to-1 program. During your VIP day we will focus on teaching methods for adult education, identifying various virtual program delivery options, getting clear on who you are creating your course for and what content is needed, designing your program or offering, identifying which virtual systems are needed and developing initial marketing for your program.  You will cover all the nuts and bolts of creating a program.  While you will look closely at the content you need to create, the focus is more about the mechanics and technology of creating your program so that it creates income for you.  While you follow Dr. Bush's process, the day will be personalized for what you want to achieve and will exceed your needs and expectations.

(3) Create the Contents of a Powerful, Income-Producing Program

This VIP Day is all about your program content!  You and Leelo will dissect exactly what your group members need and learn Dr. Bush's system to create this and future programs.  You will work along side Dr. Bush to lay out your course content, develop the structure of individual parts or modules and then create an outline and contents of your program.  You will leave with a complete program structure, outline and summary.  All you will need to do on return home is to fill in the blanks of each section.  That said, your VIP Day will exceed your needs and expectations.

(4) Build or Grow Your Coaching Business

During your VIP day, Dr. Bush will support you in creating or fine-tuning your business vision, identifying your brand, offers and extras as well as developing systems for your coaching business so that much of the manual work is automated in order for you to focus on your clients.  Whether you are a determined startup or an advanced coach ready to leap into mid 6-figures and beyond, Leelo can help.

Also included are battle-tested business building resources and growth strategies. Your VIP Day will exceed your needs and expectations.

(5) Business or Personal Branding

You will work with Dr. Bush to identify the ideal positioning and brand image for marketing your business, ministry or other enterprise.  You will discuss aligning your goals, vision and personality with the visual images that create the BEST first impression in the mind of your ideal client, group member, team leader or partner.​ Dynamic or celebrity grade websites and collateral material design are available separately.

Dr. Bush will help you identify the correct copy (words), colors, images and other visuals to design and create​ your brand online and off. Your VIP Day will exceed your needs and expectations.

You will never have a second chance to make a great first impression. Don't leave this to chance.

(6) Custom-Designed VIP Day

Your day will be based on your special requests. On review of the information you supply about where you are right now and where you want to go, Dr. Bush will design a day for you that will exceed your needs and expectations.

VIP Coaching & Mentoring Application

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It.  Here's What Others Are Saying
About Working With Dr. Bush:

Each of the following coaches have far too many credentials to list here!

" ... your method is so spot on!"

Wow! This was packed with so much relevant information and I think we all feel privileged to learn from you, Dr. Bush. This whole thing was a big takeaway for me but especially the last part about how to write the headline, the compelling story and the question ... and the (use of the) feature and benefit.  I am already starting to think about how I need to rewrite so much of what I am doing.  The big thing I am working on is my monthly newsletter and now I am going to totally re-do it because your method is so spot-on.  And, it's like my eyes just opened up!”​

Amy Walton, Virginia Beach, VA
CCLC, Owner of Amy Walton Coaching

" ... clearly one of the leading experts in the coaching industry."

Leelo is clearly one of the leading experts in the coaching industry. Her enthusiasm combined with her expertise and experience is powerful especially because she allows herself to be enlightened by the leading of the Holy Spirit. She is a gift to all coaches ready to expand their businesses.”

Debbie Stankovich, Seattle, WA
MCLC, Coach Trainer, Curriculum Creator

"I immediately took steps toward excellence and success ..."

Spending one minute with Dr Bush is engaging and worth while, so to hear her present on expanding one's business was a tremendous benefit. I immediately took steps toward excellence and success after attending her conference."​

Jenny Grace Morris, St. Louis, MO
MCLC, Coach Trainer, Curriculum Creator

"... broad experience in marketing and life ..."

Dr. Bush has a heart for loving others and sharing her vast knowledge instead of keeping the benefits to herself. Her broad experience in marketing and life allow her to train others to be people of excellence. I am blessed to have been able to train with her and extend the hand of Jesus just a little bit further.”

Wendy Mueller, Charlotte, NC
CCLC, Time Management Consultant

"... so blessed by all I have learned from Dr. Bush ... "

I have been so blessed by all I have learned from Dr. Bush's teachings! Her love for God and desire to help others walk in their purpose, is truly communicated in all she does. I so look forward to continue to learn and grow from all her Godly wisdom and knowledge.”

Michelle Vigliotti, Naples, FL
CCLC, Certified Joy Restoration Coach

What Will Your VIP Day Look Like?

​Below is a Sample VIP Day structure that is highly effective.  Your day may be similar while making accommodations for your personal needs.

Your VIP Day will begin with you setting the direction and goals for the day. While each VIP Day is a little different because each VIP Client has unique needs, Dr. Bush will be right along side you throughout the day to inspire, motivate, teach, answer questions, help overcome challenges and celebrate your wins.


9:00-10Setting up your day, Content, Activity
10-10:15 BREAK
10:15 - 11:15Content, Mentoring, Coaching
11:15 - 11:45 ACTION
11:45-12:15Content, Mentoring, Coaching
12:45 - 1 Setting up the afternoon
1 - 2 pm Content
2-3 pm Action
3-3:15 pm BREAK
3:15 - 4:15 Content
4:15 - 5 pm Action Steps and Closure

Your Investment:  

VIP Days range from $2997 to $9897.  Your investment will depend on exactly what you need.  Personal coaching is at the lower end of the fee spectrum and advanced business coaching at the higher end.  Travel, lodging and incidentals are not included but our team is happy to answer questions and help you identify lodging options in the area. Your initial conversation to explore this opportunity is free.  However this is a limited opportunity so if this is for you, be prepared to reserve your day with a deposit.

The best way to determine whether this day is for you, is to have a conversation with Dr. Bush.  

Just request and complete the VIP Application as instructed below to start the process.  Once we receive it, we will contact you to schedule your free discovery session.

VIP Coaching & Mentoring Application

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